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The unsurpassed Ownership Experience

Tisdel Distributing represents the best in kitchen appliances: Sub-Zero, Wolf, ASKO, Faber and Scotsman. Operating as a distribution company, Tisdel supplies these products to its more than 150 dealers in its distribution geography. But buying and shipping is only part of the story. The company is also involved in extensive training of sales representatives. All consumers have had personal ownership experiences with a host of products to include homes, automobiles, electronics and appliances. How have these experiences been? Most consumers have experienced both good and bad. Beyond the performance of the product, what determines a good or bad experience? We believe how well a company supports its products after the sale greatly influences what kind of experience a consumer actually has. Please consider the following regarding appliances.

How often do consumers buy appliances?

It could be years or even decades between appliance purchases. Most consumers assume all premium built-in appliances are high quality products with dependable post-sales service. That is not always the case. A brief discussion about the warranty is often all the information consumers receive about product support.

Even in good economic times, many high-end appliance companies do not sufficiently invest in their post-sales service support. In a tougher economy, most manufacturers target this part of their business for cost reductions which even further erodes support provided consumers.

How do Sub-Zero and Wolf support their products?

To begin with, these products are built in state-of-the art manufacturing facilities within the U.S., which provide the highest level of quality and performance available in the industry. Should you require service or simply have a question about your new Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance, there are many options available.

A three-pronged strategy is employed which provides an unsurpassed Ownership Experience.

1. The Manufacturer – The standard warranties that come with the products are the best in the industry. A dependable, fully staffed Customer Service Department is also available to help consumers with product issues when needed.

2. Tisdel Distributing- the independent exclusive distribution company that brings Sub-Zero and Wolf products from the manufacturers to the local appliance dealers. Tisdel continually trains local service companies to provide quick, accurate product diagnosis and product repair. If necessary, one of the highly trained Tisdel Service Managers will make joint home visits with local servicers to ensure the consumer’s needs are quickly satisfied. No other high-end appliance brands provide this level of support.

3. The Authorized Dealer – Sub-Zero and Wolf products are available through local, independently owned appliance dealers. This type of appliance business, versus the “big box stores”, is best suited to provide the kind of post-sales service and Ownership Experience consumers expect.

Have you ever compromised on a purchase based on price and regretted it later?  Does saving “some” money at the time of purchase offset a poor Ownership Experience?

Cost savings could be considerable depending on the nature of the purchase. However, whatever the savings, history has proven its importance disappears when the Ownership Experience is poor. The excitement of the cost savings is a vague memory when one is without a major appliance for an extended period of time.

Sub-Zero and Wolf products in many cases will be more expensive than their competitors. Consider what that extra cost delivers in terms of value. You will own the finest products the appliance industry has to offer. They will also be backed with the support you expect, providing unsurpassed Ownership Experience.

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